The Benefits of Reconfiguring and Refreshing Your Office Space

After a year of working remotely, people are looking forward to getting back into the workplace and spending time with their coworkers for better collaboration, productivity, and team morale. Since many things have evolved in the world of work, it may be a good time to reconfigure your office space for a people-centered design while focusing on employee well-being, community, and culture.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to reconfigure and refresh your office space, here are the five benefits you may want to consider.

5 Benefits of Changing Your Office Space

  1. Increased Collaboration With Open Spaces

Designing a workplace that encourages collaboration requires reconfiguration so they’re conducive to sharing information and finding solutions. As a result, this type of workspace fosters innovation, creativity, and energy levels.

To increase collaboration within your team, consider creating open plan areas. For example, the AIS Matrix offers users a 3″ stackable panel with multiple options, including open raceways and upmount glass. Depending on how you stack it, it can provide you and your team the openness to collaborate.

2. Increased Flexibility With Closed Spaces

Although open areas have been proven to increase collaboration, don’t neglect private areas that might aid quiet work periods. Some of your employees may need space to learn, work, and be productive.

That’s why the stackable Matrix system is the perfect solution for your evolving workplace. Today’s collaborative workstation can be tomorrow’s private office.

The AIS MWall is also a solid solution for flexibility. It may look like a typical panel system, but it acts like a chameleon by naturally blending into your workspace. With high-end engineering, it can be enhanced to increase your office’s flexibility by creating spaces that will work for every type of environment. Panels at 80″ high can be used to create private office spaces and conference rooms.

3. More Room for New Employees

As your business grows, you’ll need to make room for your new employees. The Matrix solution can start with a setting of four and easily expand to accommodate ten. That’s just how flexible this system is.

Another great solution for making room for your employees is the Divi solution, which is practical for every workspace need, making it a thoughtful, scalable answer for your organization. Divi is designed to grow with you.

4. Offers Areas for Downtime

If your organization’s mantra is “work hard, play hard,” then it’s important to design a space that embraces this. After all, they spend long hours at the office. Whether you want to have spacious lounge areas for a retreat from the desk or a lobby for your guests to feel comfortable, the possibilities are endless. Implementing casual gatherings and lounge spaces in the professional work environment fosters idea sharing and promotes teamwork.

With the AIS LB Lounge and Ledge, you’ll have a variety of collaborative seating, ottomans, work surfaces, and tables to create seamless lobby and lounge areas that fit beautifully into your work setting.

5. Well-Designed and Comfortable Seating

There are many areas throughout your office space that require well-designed, comfortable, and functional seating. The different types of seating include task, conference/executive, side, multi-purpose/stack, stool, and lounge. These come in a variety of designs, colors, control, construction, and features. Keep an eye out for ergonomic performance to keep your employees comfortable all day long.

One example of a task chair that is finely tuned for fit and comfort is the AIS Devens Chair. It’s ideal for focusing on job tasks, joining in collaboration, or a quick touch base. In addition, Devens effortlessly adapts to each user, adjusting automatically to weight and movement.

Get Help Finding Utah Commercial Furniture for New Office Configurations

The time to start getting your office ready for employees is now. Many of these changes may require new Utah commercial furniture. Whether you need help figuring out the best way to reorganize your office space or if you need help finding the right commercial furniture, Western Interior Services is ready to serve you. Our professionals are trained in design and layouts, and with their help, your office will soon be fully prepared to welcome employees.

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