Setting Up the Perfect Office: Whether at Home or at Work

Professionals everywhere find themselves needing quality office space, regardless of whether they work at a business location or their home. If you don’t already have the office space you need, you’ll need to spend some time getting one set up. Whether you’re at home or work, setting up the perfect office space takes careful planning, especially concerning the furniture you use.

Deciding on a Desk

A desk is decidedly a must-have furniture item for any office. When deciding on a desk, consider the size of your office space, the sort of work you’ll do, how you’ll use the desk, any technology you’ll use, and what makes sense for your comfort. Carefully measure your space so you know what desk dimensions will fit comfortably. If your work requires storing papers and files, consider a credenza desk. If your work revolves around a keyboard and monitor, a computer desk may be a better choice. Make sure your desk has the space to accommodate whatever you place on it. Your desk should be big enough that the top doesn’t feel overloaded, but small enough that everything is within easy reach.

Pay attention to ergonomics and spacing as well. Desks should easily clear your legs. Standard desk heights of 29-30 inches off the floor do this well for most people. Ideally, there should be 3.5 feet of space behind the desk, with 3 feet of space between the desk and other furniture or the front of the desk if you have anything in front of it. If you’re using a keyboard, the desk should have a keyboard platform. This allows the keyboard to be placed in a more ergonomic position and prevents discomfort and muscle strain. The desk should allow the monitor to be placed at eye level. This all makes it easier for you to sit comfortably and with good posture while you work.

Choosing a Chair

No office space is complete without a good office chair. Like the desk, your comfort and health should be a priority when choosing a chair. Look for a chair with armrests. The chair should be adjustable in terms of height, backrests, and armrests so you can customize its height and fit. You shouldn’t have to work hard to adjust it, so look for one that has adjustment controls that are easy to operate. The ideal office chair will provide adequate lumbar support and padding, and feature breathable materials. Naturally, you should also make sure that its depth and width are a good fit for you. Ideally, you should be able to sit with your back against the backrest and still have 2-3 inches of space between the backs of your knees and the seat.

Committing to Cabinetry

If you thought measuring the space in your office was important when deciding on a desk, it’s even more important to do so when choosing and committing to the cabinetry you’ll add. Quality cabinetry is a must for setting up the perfect office space. It’s the best way to keep books and various supplies organized and close to hand.

When choosing cabinetry for your perfect office, think first about the cabinetry’s purpose. Security and storage needs should be considered, both as they stand currently and as you anticipate they will change in the long run. Think about the dimensions of the office space, which can help you decide if vertical or horizontal cabinets are a better choice. Consider what materials make the most sense for your office. Office cabinetry is often made of plastic, wood, metal, and glass. How much the cabinets get moved around, how much weight they’ll carry, the level of security you need, and aesthetics should all be considered when making decisions about cabinetry.

Picking the Placement

Deciding where to place your office furniture is another important aspect of setting up the perfect office, whether you’re at home or work. Think about the layout of the space and where you want the focus to be drawn. Desks can be great focal points for an office. It’s common to orient them so that the person sitting at the desk faces the door to the office. Cabinets may be placed along different walls, depending on what makes the most sense for the space and the user.

Once you’ve chosen the right desk, chair, and cabinetry and decided where to place them, you’ll be well on your way to setting up the perfect office space. Remember to consider the space’s lighting as well. Adequate quality lighting will make a huge difference in how comfortable you are in your office, regardless of whether you’re at home or work. Do your best to keep your office space free of clutter as well. Remember, a tidy, well-organized office space is much more conducive to staying productive and focused while you work.

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